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Natural Kaolin Clay

Superfine White Kaolin Clay


Kaolin Clay, also known as white clay or china clay, is a mild cosmetic clay with a neutral ph. This makes it a wonderful ingredient for even the most sensitive of skin. 

Kaolin clay is a great cleanser as it absorbs excess oils and cleans out clogged pores.


We recommend adding Kaolin Clay to our facial cleansers to make a deep cleansing facial mask or simply mix with rose water to make a thick paste and apply to your face, leave for a few minutes & wash off with a hot cloth.

Please note that this product is 100% Natural



Natural Kaolin Clay

  • Mix a teaspoon of clay with rose water, apply to your face with a soft cosmetic brush, allow to dry & wash off with a soft muslin cloth.

    Alternatively, mix your clay with almond oil or jojoba oil, apply to your face with a soft cosmetic brush & leave for a few minutes for a gentle, pore cleansing routine.

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