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We use eco-friendly packaging with all our skincare products

Product Packaging

All of our product packaging is recyclable. We only use 100% recyclable glass amber jars and bottles with aluminium lids, so you can repurpose or recycle. Our product labels are vegan, biodegradable and recyclable.

Postal Packaging

Where possible we try to source the most eco-friendly cardboard boxes, shredded padding/paper and we even seal the boxes with eco-friendly brown recycled paper tape. Therefore, all of our postal outer packaging is 100% recyclable, biodegradable and compostable. In addition to this, we may also use starch chips to protect your products in transit, which are compostable, bio-degradable and water soluble. We will also re-use any boxes we have from our suppliers to limit waste. 

So we kindly ask you to recycle and re-use or compost as much as you can.

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