Moisurising Whipped Face Soufflé

Unscented - suitable for sensitive skin


No matter which skin type you are we can all benefit from a kind and nourishing natural face cream that boasts soothing, vitamin enriched luxurious botanicals. From the organic Shea to the certified Jojoba oil this gentle formulation is all you need to treat your delicate skin


Balancing Face Soufflé

With Rosemary, Tea Tree & Lavender - for oily/combination skin

Our balancing face soufflé is a light formula that balances your skin by hydrating dry areas while the organic arrowroot goes to work on the oily areas. This vitamin enriched cream will keep you feeling moisturised all day whilst leaving a non-greasy finish that won't congest pores. With specifically chosen active essential oils for combination skin this cream is just perfect.


Rejuvenating Face Soufflé

With Rose Geranium & Frankincense - for mature skin


Our rejuvenating face soufflé is packed with luxurious ingredients, specifically formulated to combat the signs of ageing and leave your skin rejuvenated and glowing. Prickly pear oil brightens the skin, Rose geranium tightens the skin, while frankincense is famous for its wrinkle reducing superpowers, these combined with other luxurious botanicals to keep your skin moisturised and silky smooth. 


Nourishing Face Soufflé

With Helichrysum & Pomegranate for normal/dry skin


Pureganics soufflé is packed with active ingredients to hydrate, smooth and revitalise. Using the finest, organic, certified ingredients we can produce the purest creams to nourish your precious skin from the outside in. Packed with luxurious botanicals, this cream will deliver a long lasting, pure, and natural protective layer all day long leaving your skin feeling moisturised and glowing.