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Our Story

My story began when I first started making natural products many moons ago with my mother, Jane, as we both suffered with the curse of eczema. It would generally flare up just before going to an event when I was hoping to look my best. The prescription from the doctors was a ‘skin thinning’ steroid to apply twice a day, which went against the grain for various reasons, so this is when we set to & produced a natural remedy. This led to creating multiple natural products for my family, friends & even our pets, who have used them successfully for years.


Growing up in the country we had many ingredients on hand, comfrey was one that stands out in my memory, as we grew it specifically to make a poultice for our ponies if they had a sprain. To add to our homemade products my mother would source natural ingredients & make some sensational beauty creams, lip balms, natural lipsticks & sunburn lotions etc. & in our latter years an array of pain relief remedies for arthritis & joint pains with astonishing success.


Being creative and inventive has always been a large part of my life in many different areas and has naturally led to the inspiration behind producing my luxury range of beauty creams, serums & butters. I have researched many ingredients over the years to find the most suitable formulations for a variety of different skin types & created my range of products upon this knowledge, so the benefits of the ingredients are most beneficial for your individual needs.


My love for botanicals has blossomed since then & this is why all my ingredients are 100% natural, organic, vegan & free from preservatives, chemicals, parabens & palm oil.


It has been a priority to source all my packaging from sustainable sources & companies that share the same ethos as me so I can maintain a plastic free & recyclable promise for zero impact on animals and plant life.


The decision to do this was easy, with the world in crisis from single use plastics and micro beads flowing into waterways and eventually into the ocean and destroying our ecosystem there was no option but to make a difference. If everyone just makes that small change the impact will can be drastic.


The very fact you are here reading this, shows that you are interested in making the necessary changes. I’m sure you have seen David Attenborough’s series which gave us all a stark warning on how the plastic pollution is an ‘unfolding catastrophe’…the time to act is now!


Sustainability and responsibility are top priorities for us. That is why we go to such great lengths to keep single-use plastics to an absolute minimum and all of our packaging is compostable, recyclable or reusable.  I even went to great lengths to source vegan, biodegradable & recyclable labels so, we really do tick every box as we need to care for our planet as well as our skin.


All our skincare in made in small batches to ensure the highest quality and 100% certified ingredients. As our products are zero water content we can remove the need for preservatives, thickeners & stabilizers keeping them pure & concentrated so incredibly cost effective.

We hope that you enjoy using our luxurious products and discover all of the superb benefits they can have on your skin and wellbeing.  Any feedback is always greatly appreciated, we love hearing what our customers think to the products. If you have any questions or would just like to get in touch, please contact us via email or social media channels.

Love your skin, love your planet.

Best Wishes Di 


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