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Organic Men's Intensive Face  & Beard Serum

Our Intensive men's face and beard serum is a refreshing serum that is suitable for all skin types including, dry, acne/oily and mature.


Packed with ingredients to penetrate your skin, leaving it protected and hydrated whilst repairing any damage and keeping pores cleansed. Intensive serum helps smooth and nourish your facial hair to keep it healthy and strong. 


Give your skin a real treat with our luxury elixir, rich in organic botanicals and essential oils that will help boost your skins elasticity, brighten, protect and hydrate your skin. The ingredients used in this serum also help to regulate sebum production, preventing any acne breakouts so this is a great one to use even if you have oily skin.




Organic Men's Intensive Face & Beard Serum

  • Warm 3-5 drops of serum in your fingertips and apply gently to face, neck and beard avoiding eye area.

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