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Men's Organic Exfoliating Cleanser

Packed with the powerhouse skin brightener and antioxidant, vitamin C, this gentle exfoliating cleanser will go to work illuminating dull, dry & flakey skin whilst softening and protecting. Suitable for dehydrated skin in need of a nourishing treatment. Our gentle daily exfoliator will smooth & polish your skin to remove dead skin cells.  This will rejuvenate & promote cell renewal to leave your skin feeling rehydrated, nourished & glowing.


Use to remove dead skin cells and stimulate cell turnover, making your skin brighter and your complexion look healthier and refreshed. Whilst gently cleansing, this exfoliator also has superb moisturising properties that will leave your face silky smooth & ultra hydrated. 


Key Ingredients


Orange Peel Powder protects your skin from free radical damage, heals dry, flaky & itchy skin. Hydrates dehydrated skin, brings back moisture & prevents oxidative stress in skin cells, for a youthful, glowing skin. It also helps in renewing worn-out cells & works as a skin lightening agent. It is a gentle yet incredibly effective exfoliant with multiple benefits. 

One handy tip to remember is that it removes fake tan easily.


Sweet Almond oil is a perfect ingredient for beauty creams and butters. It is easily absorbed into your skin & has a light texture. It is full of fatty acids, vitamin E & A, protein, potassium & zinc. Fatty acids help your skin retain moisture & heal chapped and irritated skin.  The vitamin E in sweet almond oil keeps your skin cells healthy & protects you from UV radiation damage. Vitamin A can help reduce acne as the oil easily penetrates your skin & is fantastic for cleansing dirt & oils from your pores. All in all, it is a multipurpose, non-toxic beauty treatment.


Shea butter has high concentrates of fatty acids and vitamins to make it ideal for a base in beauty skincare products. It also has anti-inflammatory and healing properties so using shea on your body especially on your face can condition, tone and soothe your skin. It delivers key anti-aging components into your skin so helps reduce lines, wrinkles and stretch marks. Rich in Vitamin A, E and F and offers UV protection. Shea butter is rich in nutrients necessary for collagen production & with superb moisturizing properties it is also used for healing psoriasis, dermatitis, eczema and many other skin conditions.


Safflower oil is a key ingredient in beauty products with its ability to help treat eczema, psoriasis and acne. Safflower is very high in vitamin E, omega 6 fatty acids and linoleic acid which works as an antioxidant. This helps to minimize the signs of ageing and helps restore the collagen that is lost due to UV exposure and free radical damage. Also, safflower has been known to be a penetration enhancer, making the skin more receptive to other ingredients. Safflower has a comedogenic rating of zero so will not clog your pores and its high level of linoleic acid will help balance the sebum levels in your skin. With its light, non-greasy consistency, safflower oil is easily absorbed making it a fabulous oil for your skin and suitable for all skin types.


Available in the gent's range too.



Men's Organic Exfoliating Cleanser

  • Apply a small amount to face using dry fingertips. massage in circular motions then remove with a warm cloth.

    We recommend daily use & can be used morning and night

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