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Lavender essential oil - the miracle ingredient for your skin and your sleep

In my humble opinion, lavender essential oil is the most incredible of all essential oils. It’s versatility, vast beneficial properties and super relaxing fragrance is a definite winner for a myriad of ailments. It’s like a miracle oil when applied to burns, a wonder treatment for fungal infections and my ‘go to’ oil for a number of my formulations.

feel calmer, sleep better

It’s a ‘must have’ ingredient in calming balms as a sleep-inducing and anxiety-relieving natural aid. What’s more, it is perfect for soothing and healing sores, a topical spot treatment and for preventing scarring. Whenever I have recommended lavender oil to friends they have been amazed by this unassuming little bottle of bliss, and all agreeing that every home should have some!

Lavender oil is one of only a few essential oils that can safely be used undiluted, which makes it safe for use in many formulations and is incredibly effective when applied to the soles of your feet, where, if you didn’t already know, are the largest pores on your body, therefore, is readily absorbed. It is the most effective part of your body to apply a treatment to aid relaxation for this very reason.

An oil to fight acne?

Using an oil to fight acne sounds unusual although acne often flares up when your skin does not have enough oil. Dry skin can start to overproduce sebum (your skin’s natural oil) to compensate, leading to clogged pores and acne formation.

Lavender oil not only moisturizes the skin but is also antibacterial and can kill bacteria that penetrate your pores. That makes lavender oil perfect for preventing and also healing acne.

Lavender oil actually does a wonderful job at balancing your skin’s moisture barrier, so it isn’t too oily or dry making it perfect for all skin combinations.

Cold-pressed oil is my preference for the way this oil is produced as there is no heat involved. With this process, lavender oil maintains all of its fantastic natural properties and organic, of course, does not contain any unnecessary chemicals. Yes, you’ll pay a higher price although it's worth every penny.


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