Organic Helichrysum Essential Oil


When it comes to essential oils for skincare, nothing beats the effectiveness of Helichrysum. It contains anti-microbial, anti-biotic and regenerative compounds that promote healthy skin cell growth and regeneration. It also helps speed up healing of wounds, burns, and rashes and reduces scarring.

Helichrysum can help your skin in many ways by providing nutrients your body needs for improving skin repair, increasing collagen production, and reducing the appearance of wrinkles.

Helichrysum, also known as Immortelle, is a type of daisy plant that flowers in a gorgeous, golden yellow color. It’s very easy to recognize, and is one of the more vibrant medicinal plants people have used for thousands of years as an essential oil.

This essential oil owes its healthy reputation to some pretty powerful compounds that do a lot for your skin's wellness. Specifically, it contains several antioxidants which can reduce free radical molecular damage, and it also provides your skin cells with the vitamins they need to regenerate properly.

In this way, helichrysum is a more defensive oil than many others you can find--it’s meant to work on the defensive, not the offensive!

Overall, helichrysum essential oil is quite the amazing natural remedy with a variety of skin benefits. It’s particularly good if you think your skin is a little irritated, or if you want to help your skin heal from an injury or just improve your overall skin health.


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Always do a patch test.