When applied to the skin, essential oils can have many beneficial actions.

Whatever you want to achieve, some studies say that essential oils, when used for aromatherapy, can be very beneficial to you. Listed below are some of the most effective uses of essential oils, and the reasons we are using them more & more.












Essential oils can have a healing action on the skin

When applied in carrier substance they can help our skin to:

  • Maintain general health and wellness and improve the general/overall function.

  • Regenerate healthy skin cells quickly and efficiently.

  • Enhance the barrier repair and protection functions, enabling it to more easily heal and repair itself from irritations and sensitivities, wounds, cuts, bites, stings, sores, and scars.

  • Fight infections and kill potentially harmful microbes, stopping the spread of infection.

  • Tighten and tone the skin tissue, bringing greater strength and elasticity.

  • Soften and smooth, cleanse and clean, hydrate and moisturize, which improves the skin overall health and wellness as well as look and feel.

  • Stimulate local blood circulation which encourages a glowing complexion.

  • Fight free radicals, delay the signs of premature aging and soften fine lines and wrinkles.

The molecules of essential oils are small enough to penetrate the semipermeable layers of the skin.

When they do, either they are used by the skin cells themselves, or they pass through into the bloodstream where they are transported around our body to help maintain healthy functioning organs (eg heart, lungs, stomach, kidney, liver, etc) and systems (eg circulatory, respiratory, digestive, nervous, hormones, etc).

In both cases, when our body absorbs the essential oils it can help to:

  • balance, regulate and improve functions

  • repair and heal

  • fight infections

  • kill potentially harmful microbes

  • eliminate toxins, and

  • affect changes; for example, they may stimulate or sedate the function of an organ or an entire system


The aroma they provide can improve our mood, lift our spirits and encourage a greater sense of wellbeing

This can helps counteract stress, fear, tension, and worry, which, over time, place greater stress and strain on the body, its organs and systems.

When all three actions are combined, essential oils can demonstrate wonderful holistic healing powers where “healing the whole person” is considered to be more effective at reducing the strain, not just on our organs and systems but also on the wider mind, body and spirit. Most people use essential oils because of their powers to induce relaxation, reduce anxiety, alleviate stress, insomnia, and even depression.
Essential oils used for relaxation stimulate the part of the brain responsible for
controlling the emotions. With proper use, essential oils can help release stress and negative emotions. It can calm your mind and help in boosting your state-of-mind.

For relaxation

Lavender oils are the best when you want to use essential oils for relaxation. They’re highly recommended if you often experience stress and anxiety throughout the day.
Lavender oils are effective because they can lower your blood pressure and stabilize your heart rate. It can restore your nervous system and calm your nerves, which then leads to a good night’s sleep or reduces restlessness.
You can use
Pureganics Calming Balm by rubbing it on your temples and wrists to soothe your mind for a restful sleep.


For Sleep

Have you ever tried going to bed early but ended up just lying there? Well, you’re not alone. If you find yourself struggling to sleep, essential oils can be your best buddies. They have soothing and relaxing effects while other essential oils specialise in inducing sleep & can relieve your airways by clearing it and preventing sleep disruptions caused by snoring or sleep apnea.
Aside from lavender oils, chamomile can induce sleep. Chamomile can help you get a good night’s sleep by reducing your anxiety level and tackling
depression at the same time. Chamomile has been known for this effect since ancient times. Chamomile was consumed as an herbal medicine to alleviate insomnia.

For Energy

Let’s say you’re able to get a good night’s sleep and boost your energy levels for the day ahead. You can drink your morning coffee, complemented with some essential oils to boost energy and motivation. Yes, there’s an essential oil for that! These essential oils provide energy-enhancing benefits that improve your focus and motivation. These essential oils help your body by waking up your senses and making you feel energized and revitalized. They also elevate your mood, reduce your stress and anxiety, and give you the necessary uplift to help you face the day ahead. Some of the best-known essential oils for boosting energy, confidence, and motivation include peppermint and rosemary oils. Peppermint essential oils are versatile, but its
strength is derived from its capability to boost your energy and wake up your mind. It can also improve your exercise performance and help in fighting fatigue. You can add it to a diffuser or apply it to your skin. Rosemary offers the same advantages as peppermint but its ability to fight fatigue is greater than that of peppermint.

To Focus

Yes, there’s also an essential oil to improve focus and concentration. When you need to stay alert and focused during work. These essential oils can help stimulate the brain & sharpen your focus and improve your concentration.

One of the most effective essential oils in this area is wild orange oil. These oils smell
like zingy oranges found in the wild. The smell is so powerful and the aroma so uplifting
that it can improve your energy level significantly. It also creates a feeling of happiness
which can motivate you to focus and stay concentrated.

For Immune Support

Traditional herbal medicines are often consumed with the leaves or roots to achieve
maximum efficiency. Most essential oils can boost, protect, and guard your immune system.
Some even have antimicrobial properties that are effective in combating a wide range of
disease-causing bacteria, viruses, or fungi.
One of the most well-known antimicrobial essential oils is lemon oil. You probably have
noticed that most antimicrobial soaps and detergents contain a lemon-scented variant.
This is because the antimicrobial activities of lemon oil are backed by research. Aside
from being antimicrobial, lemon oils are also antioxidants. The antioxidants can boost
your immune system.
Another powerful essential oil for the immune system is eucalyptus oil. Some people
consume eucalyptus oil through a diffuser to clear their airways and improve their
respiratory health. Although the advantages of eucalyptus oil are much wider than that. It can
either be inhaled or applied topically on the skin.












More and more people are considering essential oils for the benefits they provide. Essential
oils can be used to help with relaxation and sleep. They can be used to boost your confidence
and mood. Therefore, essential oils are considered traditional medicine which have been in practice since ancient times.

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