When applied to the skin, essential oils have a triple beneficial action.

1) Essential oils have a direct healing action on the skin

When applied in carrier substance they help our skin to:

  • Maintain general health and wellness and improve the general/overall function.

  • Regenerate healthy skin cells quickly and efficiently.

  • Enhance the barrier repair and protection functions, enabling it to more easily heal and repair itself from irritations and sensitivities, wounds, cuts, bites, stings, sores, and scars.

  • Fight infections and kill potentially harmful microbes, stopping the spread of infection.

  • Tighten and tone the skin tissue, bringing greater strength and elasticity.

  • Soften and smooth, cleanse and clean, hydrate and moisturize, which improves the skin overall health and wellness as well as look and feel.

  • Stimulate local blood circulation which encourages a glowing complexion.

  • Fight free radicals, delay the signs of premature aging and soften fine lines and wrinkles.

2)  They help the body to heal from the inside out

The molecules of essential oils are small enough to penetrate the semipermeable layers of the skin.

When they do, either they are used by the skin cells themselves, or they pass through into the bloodstream where they are transported around our body to help maintain healthy functioning organs (eg heart, lungs, stomach, kidney, liver, etc) and systems (eg circulatory, respiratory, digestive, nervous, hormones, etc).

In both cases, when absorbed, the chemicals of the essential oils mix with the chemicals of our body to:

  • balance, regulate and improve functions

  • repair and heal

  • fight infections

  • kill potentially harmful microbes

  • eliminate toxins, and

  • affect changes; for example, they may stimulate or sedate the function of an organ or an entire system


3)  The aroma they provide improves our mood, lifts our spirits and encourages a greater sense of wellbeing

This helps counteract stress, fear, tension, and worry, which, over time, place greater stress and strain on the body, its organs and systems.

When all three actions are combined, essential oils demonstrate wonderful holistic healing powers where “healing the whole person” is considered to be more effective at reducing the strain, not just on our organs and systems, but also on the wider mind, body and spirit

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